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Giving birth can be a joyous, empowering experience.

BirthVoice is a grassroots movement to help facilitate natural childbirth. It is a gathering where a pregnant woman has the opportunity to learn what her options are, and in the awareness of knowing these options, she can then better achieve the birth she desires.

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A Simple Truth...

"You should think of work as vocation, which comes from the Latin word for calling, which comes from the word the voice. In those meanings it touches on what work really should be- something that calls to you, that gives voice to who you are and what you want to say in the world".
(Simple Truths, Kent Nerburn)

Galouho Issue 12

Download Issue 12 of ΓΑΛΟΥΧΩ (Galouho) , La Leche League's magazine with valualbe information on breastfeeding.

Our Song - We are sisters on a journey

We are sisters on a journey, singing now as one
Shining through the darkest night.
The healing has begun, begun,
The healing has begun.

We are sisters on a journey, shining now as one.
Remembering the ancient ones,
The women and the wisdom.
The women and the wisdom.

We are sisters on a journey, watching life unfold
Sharing warmth of heart and hands.
The knowledge of the old, the old
The knowledge of the old.

We are sisters on a journey, standing at the door.
Remembering what passed long ago.
Let's turn the key once more, once more.
Let's turn the key once more.