By Gloria Lemay

Say and visualize these affirmations several times a day throughout your pregnancy

  • My baby’s birth is a calm, joyous experience

  • Each part of my body is completely relaxed, allowing the easy passage of my baby. I relax through each stretching sensation, allowing my uterus to work effectively.

  • I am safe and my baby is safe when the sensations are strong.

  • The stretching sensations appear to last only a short time, but are efficient, and quickly open the cervix…opening…so my baby can be born.

  • I focus my attention on my breathing, bringing in oxygen which surrounds my muscles, bringing in nourishment, and washing out fatigue.

  • I am never alone…I have sisters throughout my city, my province, my country, and around the world who will be having their babies at the same time as me. I tune in to them and send them my love and reassurance.

  • I direct my energy from the head, down through my body and out through my vagina… This energy assists my muscles to work efficiently, and helps my baby come out… easily… effortlessly… comfortably

  • I now completely forgive the hospital staff and my parents for any mistakes they made at my own birth… It is now safe for me to let go completely.

  • My uterus is working well to bring the baby down and out of the pelvis… there is plenty of room for my baby to pass through… easily, effortlessly, and comfortably.

  • It is safe for me to verbalize my feelings and desires… I am willing to allow others the pleasures of serving me.

  • My baby is being massaged and stimulated through the sensations of birth.

  • As I feel my vagina being pressed open by my baby’s head, I surrender completely and open like a beautiful rose in full bloom.