Maria Andreoulaki, Mother, Doula & Doula Trainer CD & BDT(DONA), Therapeutic Body Work, Activist

Maria Andreoulaki was born in Athens, Greece, where she started her music, dance and language studies. She continued studying, travelling and performing in the fields of dance, music and theatre in many European countries.

After the birth of her daughter in 1996 she focused on fertility, birth and parenting-related issues. Since then she has been involved in facilitating groups, research, activism, translating and organizing the publication of articles and books, organizing and participating in national and international conferences, workshops and training programs. In addition to her work as a birth and postpartum doula and doula trainer, she uses the therapeutic tools of Reflexology and Gentle Bio-Energetics (, Dr. Eva Reich’s work on the healing of perinatal trauma for all ages). She is a Re-evaluation Counseling Teacher and leader in the RC community in Greece (, a practice that works with recognizing and releasing emotions and re-evaluating life decisions), running support groups for all ages and vocations. She is a Co-Founder and Coordinator of the Educational Committee for the Doula Certification Programs in Greece through the Greek Doula Association (  

She is a founding member of several birth-related groups in Greece and a Country Representative for international organizations such as ENCA -, European Doula Network EDN –, International MotherBaby Childbirth Initiative IMBCI– and DONA International -

Maria is the mother of an adult daughter and an adolescent son, and loving aunt to eight children. She strongly believes in personal empowerment through becoming educated, acting and living by example, to ensure our children's growing to their full potential and living fulfilling life!

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