Ezelda Odendaal, mother, motivator and supporter of natural births

Ezelda Odendaal. Born and raised South African and married to a Greek man.

Ezelda is a qualified midwife. She had two wonderful births in Greece; both her boys were born at home. First baby was born assisted by a Doctor and a midwife. Her second boy was born with only her mother present……….three generations bound by the moment!

Although Ezelda is a modern trained midwife, she believes in the power and wisdom of Natural Births with no interventions. Through her own personal experiences of homebirths with no interventions, she encourages and supports women, midwives, doulas and home birth practitioners in homebirths. She also strongly believes when it comes to Pregnancy, Birth and being a Mother, the more you follow your own inner voice, find your own ancient inner knowledge, surround yourself with women and men that still believe in the wonder, simplicity and purity of life your experiences in these wonderful moments in a woman’s life will be positive, enriching and empowering.