Didi AnandaUttama, yoga nun and former homebirth midwife

Since the early 80's, Didi has been a yoga nun in Ananda Marga. Prior to that, she was a home birth midwife in the United States. For more than 30 years, she has lived in different countries of Europe and Asia teaching yoga meditation and running health and educational projects geared mainly towards women and children.

Didi has lived in the Mediterranean region for many years, primarily in Greece but also in Cyprus, Turkey and Malta. For some years, she ran the NeoHumanist Center in Greece, offering a variety of yoga-based courses and support groups for mothers and children. Since the refugee crisis began in Greece, she has been actively supporting refugee mothers and babies during the perinatal period. Working under the auspices of Amurtel, the woman managed relief branch of Ananda Marga, she has coordinated groups of midwives, doulas, LaLeche League leaders, lactation consultants and other women volunteers to care for pregnant, birthing and postpartum refugee mothers and their infants. www.greece.amurtel.org

Though she is no longer very actively involved with BirthVoice, she was one of the founding members and strongly supports BirthVoice and all its activities.