Marie Woodward, member of the Greek Homeopathic Association

Marie Woodward studied homeopathy in London on a course designed for those with a medical background. In 2003 she successfully completed a six month post graduate registration course in the United Kingdom and also attended the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy on Alonnisos with George Vithoulkas. She is now a Member of the Greek Homeopathic Association and lives and works in Athens, Greece.

She is very happy to be involved with BirthVoice and sees it as a very supportive environment for women to draw on the strength and experiences of other women. She enjoys treating women with homeopathy during pregnancy and in preparation for labour. The biggest benefit that she sees is that whilst conventional medications are often contra-indicated, homeopathy can still be safely used to treat a variety of conditions.

Her work with women have included those recovering from Caesarean section and with pregnancy problems such as nausea, symphysis pubis dysfunction and high blood pressure, as well as for mastitis and other breastfeeding difficulties.

Marie also regularly teaches Homeopathic First Aid in order to empower people to be able to help themselves and their families safely within the home environment.

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