Sophia Zourdou, jurist and mother of two, a daughter and a son

Sophia Zourdou, jurist and mother of two, a daughter and a son, and married to a very supportive man.

Sophia was born naturally in a hospital in the centre of Athens, where she has lived ever since, on and off from time to time. She was raised in an environment where pregnancy and delivery were on the daily menu, being the daughter of an OB/GYN, one of the few still advocating natural birth.

Sophia studied Law in Athens and got a Master’s Degree in European Policy and Administration in Belgium. She has lived and worked in the Netherlands and Belgium but ended up in Athens again where she became a public employee and government policy advisor.

Sophia thought she knew everything there is to know about birth, foolishly thinking that technicalities are all there is to know about a good baby delivery. A heavenly angel must have brought her to BirthVoice because it completely transformed her and her mindset on pregnancy and birth. She then realized that her interest in pregnancy and birth were inherited to her for a reason.

Sophia had two happy hospital births after having fought uneven battles. "Political" challenges were to meet her way at both occasions shortly before the time of each delivery but it was her way that prevailed. Ever since she has been trying to convey the message to as many prospect mothers she possibly can. She is a member of La Leche League and BirthVoice and she keeps learning and evolving in that area by day, as she remains eager to help women along the way. Her vision is to contribute to change the mentality on hospital births in Greece and ensure that women are given the chance to have the birth experience of their informed and instinctive choice.

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