Birth Affirmations

I am connected in my soul to all women who have ever given birth, who are right now giving birth, and who ever will give birth. We are not alone. We are doing it together. We are bonded through our mothers’ consciousness. I am uplifted and sustained by the power of this reality.

I know how to give birth. Every cell of my body and every molecule of my mind knows how to give birth. I trust myself and my baby. I am ready and prepared.

I am moving through pregnancy and will go through the birth step-by-step, minute by minute, breath by breath. My consciousness and my baby’s consciousness are linked. We are doing it together, sustained by our love.

To the baby:

You know how to be born. You are deeply connected to all souls who have ever been in their mother’s womb, who have ever been born, who are being born and who ever will be born. I acknowledge the power of that innate wisdom and I step back and let you birth yourself.

I understand that you are a soul with your own needs. I accept that you need to be born in the way that is right for you. I am here to support you in your birth.

We are not alone, either of us. We are moving through this pregnancy and this birth and this life together. We are about to be born, both of as an infant and me as a mother. We are doing it together.

Never forget, little one, that you are not alone. I am your mother and I am here for you to the best of my capacity. More than that, the force of life and love which is far greater than either of us is always with you.

My mother’s love is great but the love of God is even greater. It is this Great Love that will carry us through this birth and throughout our lives.