Rania Erimaki, mother of three and Birthlight Baby Yoga instructor

Rania, a mother of three.

Rania found out very early in her life that whatever we put our minds to, we can achieve. Her struggle has always been knowing what to put her mind on. It all became simpler for her when she met her mister Right, which brought about her desire to have children. Motherhood has helped her recognise faster what is worth the trouble for her.

Nowadays she is taken by how inconceivably small one life is if we imagine the human species spread out on earth and through time past and future. And yet each life is part of the course of our collective transformation. One great truth is being revealed through this search, instinctively and scientifically; the strongest driving force for all is love.

Rania’s formal education include a BSC in behavioral sciences (Psychology, Sociology and Social Anthropology) at the University of Glamorgan, Wales and an MA in Social Anthropology of Europe at Sussex European Institute, Brighton. She has worked as a training psychologist with HADD in children and adolescents with sudden deterioration. She has volunteered for almost three years working with adults who grew up in institutions with Downs Syndrome, schizophrenia and other psychological and personality problems, as well as heavy retardation. She is a certified birthlight Baby Yoga instructor and training to be a Baby Swimming and a Postnatal Yoga Instructor, all with an amazing charitable organization, Birthlight.

Her wiser teachers have been the process of giving birth and transforming into a new self as a parent, Birthlight, some of BirthVoices members and last but not least her sons.

Rania, when she manages to save time from her family, is still trying to channel her knowledge, love and interests in a meaningful way for herself and others she can reach out to. She believes she can be of use through BirthVoice.