Ioanna Nikolakaki, counselling psychologist

Ioanna Nikolakaki is from Greece and lives in nothern Athens with her family.

She is a married with a lovely Cretan man and they together raise their two amazing children, Gabrielle, and Stavros.

Ioanna had two challenging, yet fabulous home births, with both her children. She can testify as to how the home births experiences resulted in creating very strong bonds among all the members in her family, as well as empowering her in becoming the mother she wanted to be for her children.

Ioanna has studied Psychology and Philosoply (B.A. honors ) and then she continued her graduate studies finishing her Master in Counseling Psychology from the University of La Verne, U S.A. ( M.Sc. honors ). She is a member in the American Counseling Association since 2007 and has worked in various settings during her formal study years. She has been trained in the Adlerian Counseling and Psychotherapy approach, specializing in parenting, couples and family counselling. Her love for her work lead her to continual education and personal growth seminars, all of which nothing can compare to  the experience she has gained whilst mothering her two strong willed children. .

She has been trained also in therapeutic hypnosis (visualizations and relaxation exercises), skills which proved to be extremely useful during her own home births. 

Ioanna loves being a member of Birthvoice. She is a true example of how the right support and empowerment helped  in making informed choices and continue to as her children are growing into different phases in their lives.

She believes that when people get the right help and support from the start, then everything flows naturally. Women especially need that empowerment so they can trust their inner knowing and wisdom, so then they can trust their bodies, so then they can trust their children, so then miracles can be created... 

Ioanna is currently working as a counselling psychologist privately and in group settings. She loves practicing yoga and meditation in her daily routine.

6944 222 045